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Snow Plow Parts
Sno-Way Snow Plow Parts

Sno-Way Snow Plow Parts

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Picture UM Part Number Description Price Retail
Snow Plow Light Kit EA 80888 Halogen Lamp Kit, Compact lamp design features a glass high/low beam headlamp and integrated park turn lamp. -detail $131.90
Case of Hydraulic Plow Fluid - 12 Quarts CS 155-9460 Case of Hydraulic Plow Fluid, 12 Quarts -detail $80.75
Dual Bulb Headlight Set EA 81092 Dual bulb aftermarket Nite-Saber II replacement light. Replaces the Meyer Nite Saber II for almost half the price. Plugs into existing Meyer Nite-Saber II harness. -detail $242.71
27" Long Snowplow Blade Markers (Set of 2) - Replaces SnoWay 96106696 EA 153-0040 27" Long snowplow blade markers (set of 2) includes new mounting hardware -detail $12.26
Square High Output Flood Light EA MWL-16 LED Square high output flood light. 1500 lumens, 10 LED's, 4.7" x 4.2" x 3.2" -detail $101.91
Hydraulic Plow Fluid for most Snow Plows 15134 EA 155-9450 Low Temperature Hydraulic Plow Fluid, 1 Quart Bottle. Includes flip spout. -detail $8.61
Round Work Light EA MWL-19 Round work light, 500 lumens, 9 LEDs. Poly housing, flood beam pattern -detail $37.71
Single Bulb Headlight Set EA 81091 Single bulb aftermarket Nite-Saber 1 replacement light. Replaces the Meyer Nite Saber 1 for almost half the price. Plugs into existing Meyer Nite Saber 1 harness. -detail $227.36
Liftgate Motor fits  EA 48-460 Liftgate motor, 3" dia x 4-7/16" long, CCW; 1/4" threaded top mount (+A2) post extends 13/16" from motor; 1/4" tang shaft (extends approx. 5/16" from motor). Mounts with two #10 threaded bolts thru motor -detail $180.50
Portable Rechargeable Work Light EA MPWL-20 Portable rechargeable work light. 800 lumens low, 1750 lumens high -detail $169.90
Snow Plow Head Light Kit - 2 post mount EA 65-020 Universal Snow Plow Lamp Kit with double post mount. -detail $251.00
Nite Saber I Lamp Kit - 07223 EA 07223 Nite Saber I DRL Compatible Halogen Headlamp Kit. -detail $377.28
Halogen Plow Head Light System EA SS-645-WK Halogen snow plow head light kit with low profile rectangular design Hi-beam, Low beam headlamp with turn signal. -detail $199.36
Rectangular Work Light EA MWL-26 Rectangular work light 500 lumen with 9 LED's, 5.9" x 3.7" x 1.6" -detail $35.61
Nite Saber II Lamp Kit - 07550 PR 07550 Nite-Saber II DRL Compatible Halogen Lamp Kit. A new version of its popular Nite Saber light system. The Nite Saber II uses state-of-the art design to maximize visibility and efficiency. It features a four headlamp system, advanced complex reflector design, high output harnessing and compatibility with The Nite Saber I. It features separate bulbs for both high and low beams producing a far superior beam pattern, which allows more light to be projected onto roadways. The high output harnessing system ensures that maximum electrical energy is transmitted to the headlight system. The Nite Saber II also has a wrap-around turn signal design that makes it easier for the operator and other motorists to see. -detail $402.99
Control Module Carton - 07548 EA 07548 Control module carton for Nite-Saber II, includes: control modules, wire harness to plow lights, wire harness to park lights. -detail $190.13
Snow Plow Head Light Kit EA 80893 4" x 6" Rectangular halogen snow plow lamp kit with two bulb High/Low beam, 12V. -detail $244.15
Set Of 8 Cutting Edge Bolt & Lock Nuts - Replaces SnoWay EA 155-0078 Set of 8 Cutting Edge Bolt & Lock Nuts, 1/2" x 2" USS -detail $7.80
Liftgate Motor EA 48-420 Liftgate motor, regular duty replacement with tang shaft. Fits Prestolite MHN CCW rotation used on Thieman, Anthony and others. -detail $112.80
Lift Cylinder Double Acting EA 170-0250 Lift cylinder, 2-1/2" x 4", Double Acting for 24, 25, 28V HTV Sno-Way series plows. -detail $214.03