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Nite Saber III Lamp Kit - 07550 - 07787

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PR 07787

Nite-Saber III DRL Compatible Halogen Lamp Kit. A new version of its popular Nite Saber light system. The Nite Saber III uses state-of-the art design to maximize visibility and efficiency. It features a four headlamp system, advanced complex reflector design, high output harnessing and compatibility with The Nite Saber I & II. It features separate bulbs for both high and low beams producing a far superior beam pattern, which allows more light to be projected onto roadways. The high output harnessing system ensures that maximum electrical energy is transmitted to the headlight system. The Nite Saber III also has a wrap-around turn signal design that makes it easier for the operator and other motorists to see. 


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