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Picture Index InCart UM Part Number Description O.E.M# Price Retail
POWER UNIT BARNES HYD01710 3A EA 190-1710 Power unit, Barnes & Webster.-detail . 583.31 699.97
HYDRAULIC PUMP BOSS HYD01694 3B EA 190-1694 Hydraulic pump, Barnes & Webster.-detail . 338.87 406.64
HYDRAULIC RESERVOIR FILLER HYD01636 3C EA 190-1636 Hydraulic reservoir filler cap.-detail . 12.34 14.80
HYDRAULIC PUMP MOTOR HYD01563 3D EA 190-1563 Hydraulic pump motor with single stud, Barnes.-detail . 145.60 174.72
HYDRAULIC PUMP MOTOR DOUBLE STUD NEWER STYLE 3D EA 190-1108 Hydraulic pump motor, double stud, newer style for Boss-detail . 140.60 168.72
HYDRAULIC RESERVOIR DRAIN HYD01712 3E EA 190-1712 Hydraulic reservoir drain plug.-detail . 11.82 14.18
RELIEF VALVE BARNES HYD01693 3F EA 190-1693 Relief valve for Barnes power unit.-detail . 40.80 48.96
HYDRAULIC RESERVOIR QUART HYD04814 3G EA 190-4814 Hydraulic reservoir, 2 quart w/remote port.-detail . 155.31 186.37
SEAL POWER UNIT HYD01670 3H EA 190-1670 Seal kit for power unit 190-1710.-detail . 46.92 56.30
90 DEGREE SWIVEL BOSS 3P EA 190-1620 90 Degree Swivel Fitting; 3/8" MOR (Male O-Ring) x 1/4" FPS. (Female Pipe thread Swivel) Replaces Boss HYD01620-detail HYD01620 5.35 6.42
90 DEGREE STREET BOSS HYD04809 13 EA 190-4809 90 Degree Elbow Fitting with Cap plastic; 3/8"MPx 3/8"FP. That fits Boss Plow.-detail . 2.24 2.68
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Parts on this page replace manufacturer part numbers:HYD01710, HYD01710, HYD01694, HYD01694, HYD01636, HYD01636, HYD01563, 1304718, HYDO1563, HYD01563, HYD01563, HYD01712, HYD01712, HYD01693, HYD01693, HYD04814, HYD04814, HYD01670, HYD01670, HYD01620, 1304737, HYD04809, MSC05078, HYD04809

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