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Snow Plow Parts
Halogen Snow Plow Light Kits

Halogen Snow Plow Light Kits

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Picture Part Number Description Price Retail
01AHead Light Switch 155-0305 6 Pin light switch only is a replacement used on 80888 hal... -detail $7.92
01B5 Pole Weatherproof Connector CH-11135 5 Pole weatherproof connector and wire lead assembly used on th... -detail $6.81
01CMiniature Automotive Bulb, Clear B-1157 1" Diameter miniature automotive clear light bulb with round ba... -detail $0.59
01DReplacement Headlight Bulb 6545 HL-6545 This replacement Halogen Headlamp is used on the 80900 DRL comp... -detail $23.37
01EHarness Only for 5 Wire Headlights 80830 Harness only, fits 5 wire headlights -detail $51.87
02Halogen Plow Head Light System SS-645-WK This halogen plow light kit consists of a low-profile, rectangu... -detail $151.90
03Snow Plow Head Light Kit - 2 post mount 65-020 Universal Snow Plow Lamp Kit. -detail $159.95
04Snow Plow Head Light Kit 80893 4" x 6" Rectangular halogen snow plow lamp kit with two bulb Hi... -detail $210.95
04AHalogen Lamp, 65/45 watt B-9007 Improve visibility with this super bright white halogen headlig... -detail $5.90
04BMiniature Automotive Bulb, Natural Amber, 12.8/14V B-1157-NA Miniature Automotive Bulb, Natural Amber, 1" dia., 12.8/14V, ro... -detail $1.08
05Single Bulb Headlight Set 81091 Single bulb aftermarket Nite-Saber 1 replacement light. Replace... -detail $227.36
05AStandard Halogen Headlight Bulb for Snow Plows B-9003 Standard headlight bulb, H4 Halogen high/low output bulb with t... -detail $4.67
06Dual Bulb Headlight Set 81092 Dual bulb aftermarket Nite-Saber II replacement light. Replaces... -detail $224.71
06AHalogen Bulb, 55 Watt, 12 Volt fits  H1-55W Halogen bulb, 55 watt, 12 volt. Used as low beam on 81092 snow ... -detail $5.95
06BHalogen Lamp, 55 watt H7-55W Halogen Lamp, 55 watt -detail $8.55
07Stainless Steel Single Stud Truck Hood Plow Light Bracket PLB11SS Stainless Steel Truck hood plow light bracket. Includes driver ... -detail $90.59
01Snow Plow Light Kit 80888 Halogen Lamp Kit, Compact lamp design features a glass high/low... -detail $105.31
N.I.Hardware Kit for Snow Plow Lamp Kit 81-096 Hardware Kit for Snow Plow Lamp Kit 81-091 or 81-092 -detail $15.96