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Fisher Snow Plow HT Hydraulic Unit Parts

Fisher Snow Plow HT Hydraulic Unit Parts
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PictureIndexUMPart NumberDescriptionO.E.M#PriceRetailQty
3" Motor Assembly fits Western HTS & Fisher HT Hydraulic Units 48543-11EA256-05233" Motor Assembly -detail$199.37$239.24
Reservoir Kit - Replaces Fisher/Western 485382EA256-0504Reservoir Kit, Includes O-Ring -detail$79.03$94.84
O-Ring for Reservoir - Replaces Fisher/Western 665193EA256-0507O-Ring for Reservoir -detail$7.47$8.96
Breather Cap, 3/8" NPT - Replaces Fisher 21727-2 & Western 21727-2K6EA256-0572Breather Cap, 3/8" NPT -detail$33.57$40.28
Relief Valve Repair Kit - Replaces Western/Fisher 27792-129EA256-0578Relief Valve Repair Kit -detail$13.58$16.30
Poppet Check Valve Repair Kit - Replaces 49226/7630K31EA256-0582Poppet Check Valve Repair Kit -detail$35.56$42.67
Cushion Valve Repair Kit (2 Per Kit)32EA256-0580Cushion Valve Repair Kit (2 Per Kit) -detail$14.08$16.90
Cartridge 31 with Nut - Replaces Western  66608-133EA256-0551Cartridge 31 with Nut -detail$62.46$74.95
Cartridge 20 with Nut - Replaces Western HTS 4922734EA256-0548Cartridge 20 with nut, down & float -detail$39.33$47.20
Cartridge 40 with Nut - Replaces Western 4922935EA256-0553Cartridge 40 with Nut, Raise & Left. -detail$63.49$76.19
Coil with 2 Spade Terminals - Replaces Western 4923037EA256-0555Coil with 2 spade terminals -detail$16.38$19.66
3/8"-24 O-Ring Boss Plug - Replaces Western 9296039EA256-05813/8"-24 O-Ring Boss Plug -detail$5.33$6.40
Hydraulic Pump Kit - Replaces Fisher 21501K-1 & Western 21501-140EA256-0532Hydraulic Pump Kit. Includes suction filter with O-Rings -detail$352.45$422.94
Shaft Seal - Replaces Fisher/Western 6651541EA256-0587Shaft Seal -detail$6.48$7.78
Suction Filter - Replaces Fisher 26781-3 & Western 56789-343EA256-0573Suction Filter -detail$13.72$16.46

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