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E60 / E60H Pump Parts

E60 / E60H Pump Parts
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PictureIndexUMPart NumberDescriptionO.E.M#PriceRetailQty
E 58H Hydraulic Lift - Replaces Meyer 158661EA155-9801Replaces E-47, E-47H, E-57, E-57H, E-60 & E-60H. -detail$1,617.73$1,941.28
Valve Assembly with Coupler - Replaces Meyer 15967N.I.EA159-0701Valve Assembly with coupler, 12V. -detail$737.97$885.56
A" Valve & Coil Old Style2EA155-0802'A' Solenoid Valve & Coil Assembly for Meyer Old Style power unit, has black wire -detail$54.47$65.36
A" Coil, Uses 3/8" Wrench Size, Black Wire3EA155-0803'A' Coil with 3/16" top hole. Fits Meyer E-47, E-57, E-60 power unit. Uses 10-32 retaining nut with a 3/8" wrench size. Has black wire. Used with 155-0804. -detail$20.55$24.66
Valve Only, for Cartridge Drain Solenoid Valve.4EA155-0804'A' Valve. Has 3/8" stem with 10-32" top thread. Fits Meyer E-47, E-57, E-60 power units. Used with 155-0803. -detail$45.49$54.59
A" Valve & Coil New Style - 1/2" Wrench SizeN.I.EA155-0805'A' Solenoid Valve & Coil Assembly. Fits Meyer E-47, E-57, E-60 power units. Black Wire. -detail$67.12$80.54
A" Coil, Uses 1/2" Wrench SizeN.I.EA155-0806' A' Coil. With 1/2" wrench size. Black wire. New Style. Use with 155-0807 valve. Fits Meyer Pumps and replaces 15659. -detail$17.40$20.88
A Coil - Square Design - Replaces Meyer 159055EA155-0819"A" coil, square design, plastic, fits 1/2" stem -detail$31.16$37.39
A" Valve - Replaces Meyer 15660N.I.EA155-0807'A' Valve. 1/2" stem with 3/8-24 top thread. New Style. Use with 155-0806. -detail$49.72$59.66
A Seal Kit Replaces Meyer 15431N.I.EA155-0808A Seal Kit -detail$4.32$5.18
B" Valve - Replaces Meyer 153808EA155-0814'B' Valve. Fits Meyer E-47, E-57, E-60 power units. -detail$65.20$78.24
B Solenoid Valve Assy, Red Wire, - Replaces Meyer 153576EA155-0812B Solenoid Valve Assy. Fits Meyer E-47, E-60, red wire. -detail$87.43$104.92
B Coil - Red Wire - Replaces Meyer 153827EA155-0813'B' Coil, Fits Meyer E-47, E-60 power units , red wire -detail$22.50$27.00
B Seal Kit - Replaces Meyer 15432N.I.EA155-0815B Seal Kit -detail$6.25$7.50
B Solenoid Ball & Spring Kit - Replaces Meyer 05576N.I.EA155-0816B Solenoid Ball & Spring Kit -detail$7.26$8.71
C Solenoid Valve Assembly Green Wire13EA155-0820C Solenoid Valve Assembly, Green wire. -detail$79.00$94.80
C Coil Green Wire- Replaces Meyer 1543014EA155-0821C Coil, Green Wire -detail$21.10$25.32
C Valve Cartridge - Replaces Meyer 1538115EA155-0822"C" Valve Cartridge -detail$57.90$69.48
C Seal Kit - Replaces Meyer 15433N.I.EA155-0823C Seal Kit -detail$8.76$10.51
Crossover Valve Kit16EA155-0655Crossover Valve Kit. Used on E-47, E-57 and E-60 power units. -detail$50.14$60.17
Crossover Valve Seal Kit - Replaces Meyer  15610N.I.EA155-0830Crossover Seal Kit - Crossover seal kit Includes seals denoted with " ** " on drawing -detail$6.82$8.18
Master Seal Kit E 60 & E 60H - Replaces Meyer 15705N.I.EA155-0931Master Seal Kit fits Meyer E-60 and E-60H power units. (Parts included in this kit are denoted with a "#" following the index no) -detail$29.47$35.36
Standard Seal Kit, E60, E60H fits Meyer N.I.EA155-0932Standard Seal Kit for E60 and E60H. Seals for lift ram, reservoir and pump shaft seal -detail$21.48$25.78
Rigid Elbow Tall E 60 - Replaces Meyer 2185717EA256-0370Rigid Elbow, Tall, E-60 -detail$4.54$5.45
Rigid Elbow Short E 60 - Replaces Meyer 2214118EA256-0365Rigid Elbow, Short, E-60 -detail$2.86$3.43
Pilot Check Valve Kit - Replaces Meyer 1563920EA155-0833Pilot Check Valve Kit -detail$31.76$38.11
Piston - Replaces Meyer 1560921EA155-0835Piston -detail$27.57$33.08
Plug Valve Block - Replaces Meyer 1535922EA155-0836Plug, Valve Block -detail$25.34$30.41
O Ring 9/16 I.D - Replaces Meyer 1512623EA155-0837O-Ring 9/16 I.D. -detail$0.57$0.68
5/16" Nyltite Lock & Seal - Replaces Meyer 2192924EA155-08385/16" Nyltite Washer -detail$0.79$0.95
Ram Assembly Complete - Replaces Meyer 1570625EA155-0940Ram Assembly complete. Fits E60. Does not fit E60H -detail$132.82$159.38
Lifting Ram 6 Inch Stroke - Replaces Meyer 1520826EA155-0839Ram, Electro Touch, 6" stroke. Fits E46, E47, E57 & E60. Does not fit 'H' models. -detail$38.95$46.74
Lifting Ram 8 Inch Stroke - Replaces Meyer 1520626EA155-0840Ram, Electro Touch, 8" stroke. Fits E47H, E57H, E58H & E60H -detail$43.90$52.68
O Ring 7/16 I.D - Replaces Meyer 1512527EA155-0841O-Ring 7/16 I.D. -detail$1.17$1.40
Piston 1-1/2" Dia. fits E60 - Replaces Meyer 1569028EA155-0942Piston, 1-1/2" dia. Fits E60 -detail$34.17$41.00
Piston - Replaces Meyer 1515828EA155-0842Piston, 1-3/4" Diameter. Fits Meyer E-47, E-47H, E-57, E-57H, E-58H and E-60H power units. -detail$34.17$41.00
Piston Follower - Replaces Meyer 15219N.I.EA155-0843Piston follower, fits all Meyer E-47, E-57, E-58, E-58H, E-60H, E-68, E-78, E-88 power units. -detail$28.72$34.46
Packing Cup 1" ID 1-1/4" OD. Fits E 60 - Replaces Meyer 1569129EA155-0943Packing Cup, 1" ID, 1-1/4" OD. Fits E-60 -detail$9.38$11.26
Cup Packing - Replaces Meyer 1516230EA155-0844Packing Cup, 5/8" ID, 1-3/4" OD. Fits all E-47 and E-57 units. Also fits E-58H, E-60H and some newer E-60's. -detail$6.39$7.67
Washer - Replaces Meyer 1569231EA155-0945Washer -detail$2.99$3.59
Nylon Lock Nut 5/16-2431AEA97-542PNYLON LOCK NUT 5/16 - 24 -detail$0.05$0.06
Locknut 1/2"-13 - Replaces Meyer 2031632EAM-1689-PLocknut, 1/2"-13 -detail$0.56$0.67
Cover & Wiper Assembly fits Meyer35EA155-0853Cover & Wiper Assembly, Genuine Meyer -detail$54.45$65.34
Wiper - Replaces Meyer 0511936EA155-0856Wiper -detail$2.58$3.10
O-Ring 3-1/2" I.D. - Replaces Meyer 1513137EA155-0857O-Ring 3-1/2" I.D. -detail$2.18$2.62
Sleeve Fits E 60 - Replaces Meyer 1573738EA155-9858Sleeve that fits E-60 -detail$5.38$6.46
Pressure Relief Valve with Bushing40EA155-0650Pressure Relief Valve w/Bushing -detail$6.70$8.04
1-1/8" I.D. O Ring - Replaces Meyer 1519841EA155-08601-1/8" I.D. O Ring -detail$1.92$2.30
Washer - Replaces Meyer 1520942EA155-0861Washer -detail$6.23$7.48
Spacer Ring - Replaces Meyer 1569543EA155-0962Spacer Ring -detail$9.87$11.84
Cylinder Kit - Replaces Meyer 1569444EA155-0963Cylinder Kit. Includes cylinder, piston and follower. Fits E60. -detail$101.35$121.62
Cylinder, Fits E47H E57H E58H & E60H - Replaces Meyer 1520544EA155-0852Cylinder. Fits E47H, E57H, E58H & E60H -detail$70.93$85.12
O Ring 1-1/2" I.D. Fits E60 - Replaces Meyer 1569345EA155-0964O-Ring, 1-1/2" I.D., fits E60 -detail$2.16$2.59
O Ring 1-15/16" I.D. Fits E60H - Replaces Meyer 1516345EA155-0863O-Ring, 1-15/16" I.D., fits E60H -detail$1.49$1.79
Cylinder Tank - Replaces Meyer 1569646EA155-0965Cylinder tank (fits E60) -detail$38.02$45.62
Cylinder Tank - Replaces Meyer 1570446EA155-0955Cylinder tank (fits E60H) -detail$59.12$70.94
Stud Fits E60 - Replaces Meyer 1570847EA155-0966Stud, fits E60. Sold Each -detail$4.52$5.42
Stud - Replaces Meyer 1570947EA155-0956Stud (fits E60H) sold each -detail$4.41$5.29
Double Stud Motor E57 58 & 60 - Replaces Meyer 1548150AEA155-98854.5" Motor, twin post. Double Stud Motor. -detail$106.40$127.68
Brush Kit - Replaces Meyer 15728N.I.EA155-0971Brush Kit -detail$69.72$83.66
4 Pc Brush Kit Fits Iskra Mtr - Replaces Meyer 15854N.I.EA155-0972Brush Kit, 4 piece. Fits our 155-9885 motor. -detail$30.64$36.77
Cover Motor Plate - Replaces Meyer 1573051EA155-0976Motor Mounting Plate, E-60, use with single stud motor. -detail$46.67$56.00
Motor Mount Plate with Tabs - Replaces Meyer 15831N.I.EA155-0977Motor plate cover w/tabs for 155-9885 double stud motor -detail$60.18$72.22
Pump Shaft Seal - Replaces Meyer 1568653EA155-0974Pump Shaft Seal -detail$3.43$4.12
O Ring 4-3/4" I.D - Replaces Meyer 1568754EA155-0975O-Ring 4-3/4" I.D. -detail$1.12$1.34
Sump Base - Replaces Meyer 1572660EA155-0978Sump Base -detail$200.58$240.70
Plug without Ring 9/16" - Replaces Meyer 2212961EA155-0980Plug w/O-Ring 9/16" -detail$4.37$5.24
Filter - Replaces Meyer 1561963EA155-0882Filter -detail$2.56$3.07
Plug with O Ring 9/16" Hex Head - Replaces Meyer 2199964EA155-0886Plug with O-Ring 9/16" hex head -detail$4.26$5.11
Pump - Replaces Meyer 1572966EA155-0987Pump -detail$206.33$247.60
Locator - Replaces Meyer 1571368EA155-0989Locator -detail$2.99$3.59
Pump Check Valve - Replaces Meyer 1557469EA155-0888Pump Check Valve - (O-Ring*, Seat, Ball, Spring) -detail$14.69$17.63
O Ring 3/8" I.D - Replaces Meyer 1570075EA155-0990O-Ring 3/8" I.D. -detail$0.53$0.64
Ball Seat - Replaces Meyer 1570276EA155-0991Ball Seat -detail$4.52$5.42
Relief Valve - Replaces Meyer 1569977EA155-0871Relief Valve -detail$18.58$22.30
Pump O Ring - Replaces Meyer 1570178EA155-0993Pump O-Ring -detail$0.38$0.46
External Adjustment Kit79EA155-9495External Adjustment Kit - This kit allows you to adjust the lowering of your E60 plow, lock it, and leave it adjusted correctly without the worry of it changing. Over time (sometimes weekly) the factory adjustment screw will turn by itself making your plow float or drop quickly. Then you have to guess where the factory screw needs to be, adjust it, reassemble and try again (sometimes many times before you get it right) just to have it happen all over again a week later. Our kit replaces the factory screw with an external adjustment (no guess work) then locks into position. Saves aggravation and time. -detail$39.90$47.88
Pump Mounting Plate - Replaces Meyer 1570380EA155-0995Pump Mounting Plate -detail$43.28$51.94
Bolt 3/8"-16 x 3-1/4" Grade 5 - Replaces Meyer 22119N.I.EA155-0996Bolt 3/8"-16 x 3-1/4" Gr.5 -detail$2.99$3.59
O Ring 1/4" I.D. - Replaces Meyer 1512282EA155-0889O-Ring 1/4" I.D. -detail$0.26$0.31
O Ring 5/16" I.D. - Replaces Meyer 1512383EA155-0997O-Ring 5/16" I.D. -detail$0.49$0.59
Owners Manual for E60 PumpN.I.EA155-9960Service Manual for Meyers E-60 Lift Pumps -detail$8.00$9.60
Top cap kit fits Meyer 34EA155-0859Top cap kit. Includes pressure relief, cap, nuts and seals. -detail$29.50$35.40
Cover and Wiper Assembly fits Meyer 1519435EA155-0855Cover and Wiper Assembly -detail$23.38$28.06

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